Student Midwifery

As a final year student midwife, I advocate for women to have an empowered birth experience. I offer emotional support and increasing clinical support appropriate to my skill development and individual requirement.

I take on a caseload of women to offer continuity of care during the precious birth of their baby (or babies!).

Here's what it looks like to have me in your corner as your student midwife:

- I would be supervised by a Registered Midwife at all times

- My practice philosophy is the least intervention possible to achieve a safe outcome for mother and baby as backed by current evidence-based research

- I'd come to as many antenatal appointments with you as possible, but at least 4

- I'd be present at your birth wherever possible* (I am prepared to be on call but this can not be a 100% guarantee as with any midwifery role) to support you as your continuity of care who knows your personal journey, preferences, be your advocate, support your partner and depending on how far along my clinical skills I'll be by then I can likely assist you clinically too if needed 

- I'd support you postnatally for at least 4 home visits with the supervision of a Registered Midwife

- I can’t advise you, but I can offer as much evidence-based information as you need to help you navigate any choices or preferences you may make

- I will support you emotionally to feel empowered and safe wherever possible


* Please note due to legal and insurance restrictions, I am unable to attend you at a homebirth until I have completed my studies and gain registration. I can provide support and continuity of care during the antenatal and postnatal period for homebirthing mums under the supervision of your Registered Midwife.


If you are less than 35 weeks pregnant and would like to chat more about the possibility of me being your student midwife, please contact me to set up a time to chat and see if it's a fit.

I have very limited availability to please contact me asap. or 0407 597 859

More information about the University of the Sunshine Coast's CONNECT program can be found here: