What is self love?

Self love has almost nothing to do with your physical body, so focusing your attention here is pointless. Looking at a rock and pretending it's a diamond feels like lying to yourself and will not result in more self love or the rock actually becoming a diamond.

Victim-blaming and the Second Wound of Sexual Abuse

This post feels so cathartic - because even though I am a victim of sexual abuse that extended beyond myself - I have been made to feel like the whole situation was somehow my fault.

I felt that I would never write a post like this, because I somehow owed this person something.

I'd heard of that happening in abuse cases before, but thought it so absurd how a trauma survivor could be made to feel, and even blame themselves for what occurred and the fallout after.

But it's true folks, and I've learned some massive things along the way that I feel earned to share, if for nothing more than my own personal healing.