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What is self love?

What is self love?

Self love is the ability to know that above all else, you choose you. You don't hide, diminish or suppress out of fear. 

The ability to look in the mirror and love what you see comes from a soul knowing that you are living the life you know is right for you.

The degree to which you can love yourself is the degree to which you can choose and live your true path.

When you choose, and then live your true path, self love is easy, for your true path IS one of loving yourself unconditionally.

Self love is giving yourself permission to enjoy the gifts of this life with no catches.

Self love is not needing to change to be worthy.

Self love has almost nothing to do with your physical body, so focusing your attention here is pointless. Looking at a rock and pretending it's a diamond feels like lying to yourself and will not result in more self love or the rock actually becoming a diamond.

When you love your own soul and stop hiding, denying and suppressing your truth - your level of self love expands to the degree of being more and more unaffected by the physical. You see the rock as just a rock, and that in truth, being a diamond changes nothing.

You see the true beauty of the rock, the way you would see the true beauty of any person you love unconditionally - despite physical appearances. Just as you don't love your children less for what they do or don't look like, you just love them. The physical does not affect that love or really have anything to do with it.

Detaching worth from the physical often results in a greater feeling of self love, which results in different actions, which often results in a different physical reality - and although this is not the goal, our outer world will always reflect our inner world.

True self love starts and ends in allowing your soul's true expression, repeatedly following your inner guide, and consciously choosing every day to love yourself despite anything external, not in repeating "I love my body" in front of a mirror trying to ignore your perceived imperfections.

The imperfections may never change - so what must change is your relationship to them. A detachment of worth from the physical must occur for you to ever find and feel a lasting peace and esteem in yourself.

Jess x

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