The truth is, we all have always been 'on our path'. Every experience in your life has prepared you for the next and taught you precious lessons that have intricately crafted the person you stand as today.

We were all born into this life with lessons. A cloak of unconsciousness and suffering covering our true self (love, presence, freedom) was necessary to drive us to change and seek our answers. To drive us to start to pay attention. Somewhere along the way, you may have woken up to yourself. Something in your life shook awareness into being - and suddenly you have become conscious of a different way to live. A way of peace and love. A way free (mostly) from suffering. A way of liberation.

Maybe you didn't have all the details, but you saw a glimpse of possibility.

Excitedly, you have started a journey into self awareness. You may have been on this journey for 1 week or 1 decade, but ultimately the intention to know yourself as love, to know your truth and be free from what holds you back will forever shape your life forward. You can never go back to unconsciousness.

Once you step out of your mind and old ways of being, and come back to the present moment, you start to realise that you have choice every day on how you spend those days. The start of intentional living. Of self mastery over reactivity. The options are endless for you, so how do you know what to say yes to and what to pass on? How do you know when to keep working at something, or let it go? How do you know what the 'right' path is for you?

Firstly, I want to repeat, we have always been on our path and we always will be. While there are no wrong moves, there are definitely choices which can reflect your true nature of love, presence and freedom more than others. 

Sometimes it is not so obvious what the more aligned choice is.

Living from your intuition is the key to inner peace with each moment. A deeper trust. Absence of fear.

If you can get quiet enough in yourself, you can hear, or feel your answers. With practice, they come quicker and more often in everyday moments. 

With practice and courage, you will start to know and live your truth more and more.

Sometimes your intuition will guide you against something that externally looks like the 'right' choice. Others may judge you for going with your intuition against what seems logical. You may even momentarily judge yourself.

Keep an unwavering faith in your intuition. Follow the love and not the fear.

Some practical points:

  • Meditation is a wonderful way to get quiet with yourself, but it is not the only way. Anything that allows you time and space to be with yourself, your feelings, your thoughts is perfect too. Gardening, running -any kind of 'white space' activity.
  • Meditation does not have to be complex or mystifying. The most powerful meditation I know for me, is simply to sit and watch my breath coming in and going out of my nose. That's it. Whatever comes up in that space I allow space for but try not to attach to. I don't believe I am my thoughts, and so they are free to come and go without judgement.
  • Tactile reminders can be wonderful for coming back to your truth in the every day. Things like essential oils, intentional jewellery, crystals, candles, angel or tarot cards. Anything that reminds you to come back to your truth, and then act from that place.
  • If this is new to you, start with small choices. What to eat for lunch. Which clothes to wear that day. You  may be surprised that even these small choices can feel scary to base off intuition until you practice a little more.
  • Don't compare your journey to others or imitate those you admire. Inspiration can be wonderful, but try to stay present with what is without expectation or judgement. You have a reason you are here, and something unique and important to offer that may never be discovered if you don't live from your truth.

Jess x