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Waiting for a door to open

Waiting for a door to open

It's easy to trust the universe when your life feels in order, you have a direction you feel comfortable with and you know where you stand in relation to your goals and the people in your life.

It's even still possible when the direction you think you're heading isn't favorable, your relationships lack trust and intimacy and your goals seem a million miles away.

It feels a lot harder when one door has closed, and you are standing in the dark hallway waiting for the next to open.

You wait a while before you start to panic that the universe has forgotten about you.

You wait longer, seemingly for eternities, for something to happen.

Nothing does.

No doors open.

The place where you're floating.

The place where your heart seems to be fluttering rather than beating and you can hear the sound of every sensation in your body.

The place where you aren't quite sure whether you are asleep or awake.

The place where it may just be that time has in fact stood still.

Anxiety creeps in as you wait for something, anything, to happen.

Your move, universe. You stay open, and you wait...

Perhaps the most difficult part of these times of waiting and anticipation is our fear of the unknown.

Without any sense of direction, progress and progression - we find it hard to make sense of where we fit or if we even fit at all.

We can't control. 

Rather than focusing on what is uncertain as a source of stress and fear, here are some ideas for channeling this time of transition into one of excitement and co-creation.

  • Get clear on what you want. It's helpful to set aside some quiet time to ponder this. What makes you feel good? What do you want to spend more time doing? What are some things you could let go of? Collect these visions in whatever way speaks to you - journalling, scrapbooking, visualisations, affirmations, goal setting, pinterist, instagram.

  • Be open to ANYTHING. Use this time of 'blank canvas' to remove your limiting ideas about what is possible.

  • Don't fill up the space you have with distractions and addictive coping behaviours, be ok with nothing. When anxiety creeps in I feel the pull to distract myself. Resist this urge and just allowing the nothing to be, just watching it with curiosity and compassion. Let the emptiness just be there.

  • Reflect on recent times. What worked? What didn't? Remembering that everything served a purpose, what lessons can you take from recent events?

  • Be grateful for what you have. Start a gratitude journal or photography project.

  • Times of space and transition are fabulous times to cherish your relationship with yourself. When you can come from a place of self love and trust, anything external is simply an experience you are having and not a reflection of your worth.

The next time you are lucky enough to find yourself in a place of transition, uncertainty and change start to invite in an attitude of excitement and openness. Our transitions can be fruitful and rewarding experiences in themselves and a beautiful chance to practice presence and being with what is.

When you are in that dark hallway, know that the only constant is change. Why not patiently ask the universe "show me how wonderful life can be, teach me why I am here"?

Then stand back and surrender to whichever door opens.

Love Jess x

I had an eating disorder for 8 years

I had an eating disorder for 8 years

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