Let's get right into it.

1. Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth

This is the most life changing book I've ever read in terms of my relationship with food. Whether you are struggling with an eating disorder, or just want to have the best relationship with food you can possibly have - read this book. I wish I could buy every woman in the world a copy.

2. The Gabriel Method by Jon Gabriel

Finding a happy weight without dieting. Jon Gabriel talks about our body having weight set-points that you cannot override with discipline (so. true), the emotional reasons why our bodies WANT to stay the weight they are, biological reasons, how to eat what you want and teach your body how to love foods that love it back too. How to visualise to create the body and relationship with food you want. He lost an incredible amount of weight this way, has maintained a steady happy weight ever since, and has NO signs of ever being morbidly obese. He is incredible and I love this book. 

3. Mindful Eating by Jan Chozen Bays

Emotional eating vs. Mindful Eating - the difference, how to tell what you are feeling, how to sit with the uncomfortable feelings that arise when you want to eat emotionally. How to let go of guilt. How to know what your body is TRULY asking for. This book was recommended to me by the first person who pointed me on this path of food freedom, a psychologist and hypnotherapist in Sydney. A great read.

4. The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle

Always and for everything, more presence equates to more freedom, more ability to determine what is ego and what is truth. This book also teaches you to sit with uncomfortable emotions - which is so much of what we are doing when we are trying to make ourselves feel better through food, by either controlling it, withholding it, or overeating it.


There are so many more, but if you were to read these 4 books and implement just 1 thing from each, you couldn't NOT be changed. Your relationship with food cannot NOT improve. 

Our relationship with food says ALOT about us, and my hope is that you'll also find a place of freedom, joy and ease around food and let it be a barometer for you to gauge emotionally how you are doing.

It can be your greatest teacher.

With love,

Jess x