I compassionately support women through the journey of birth and new motherhood. Please take what you need from this space. You need not be anything but your real, messy, raw self here.

Come as you are

Come as you are

There is something deeply missing from the world.

That something is the real you, the real me, the real everyone, showing up in the world as their most empowered, highly-expressed and authentic versions.

You know, offering their unique gifts, talents and views.

We have all made decisions on how we should be (sometimes how even think we WANT to be) that were influenced by our need to be accepted (fear).

Maybe we were swept up in the 'magic' of a new love or awe-struck by someone we met. Maybe we wanted their approval or maybe we wanted to be like them so others would admire us.

Sometimes these decisions were harmless, or maybe even beneficial for us. But sometimes they perpetuated the belief that being ourselves isn't good enough.

Maybe we started thinking we weren't good enough when people we loved let us down, left us or hurt us.

We, as human beings, are afraid of abandonment.

Maybe these beliefs are perpetuated by our society - hair dye, foundation, unnatural body types, idealistic living - all things ingrained in us from a young age to think we should be embellished, or maybe, "I'm not good enough as I am."

These decisions also allow us to be less vulnerable, because if someone leaves us, lets us down or rejects us, well it's not really US they are leaving anyway. Not at our core.

So... who are you?

What makes you different to anybody else?

What do you love?

What are you good at?

What do you dream about?

What makes your heart ache?

What lights you up?

Those are the things that you need to focus on and amplify.

Empowering yourself to be who you are, with passion and no apologies, is the only way you will feel at peace.

This takes a choice to grow through insecurity and worthiness blocks, and sometimes that is not a quick journey.

So to start, the next time you find yourself doing anything that reinforces the belief that you aren't good enough as you are - I challenge you to stop and ask yourself "why would I choose to believe that?"

You are you for a reason, warts and all.

You will never be anybody else, and that is not an accident.

You can spend your life trying or you can come as you are.

Show up.

The world would be lucky to have THAT person.

Perfection is conformity.

Be a rebel.

Jess x

P.s. Your tribe is waiting.

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