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10 ways to feel love

10 ways to feel love

The truth is, you ARE love. But sometimes it's easy to forget that. So how can you tap into the feeling? 

1. Be present. Stop, focus on your breathe, look around you. Notice everything about your situation - where you are physically. Marvel at your heart beating on it's own, your lungs expanding to draw in sweet air. That old saying life is a journey, not a destination - enjoy where you are, right now. There are no ordinary moments, you just need to open your eyes, slow down be present and take some time to notice the extraordinary in the right now.

2. Be kind to yourself and stop competing with others. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Notice how beautiful you are and remind yourself it's ok to not be perfect, in fact, it's much more interesting and wonderful not to be. Confidence to be you is truly the most attractive quality in a human being. This comes with self acceptance and losing the need to compete with others. Hold space for you, and hold space for them too. There is more than enough love and light for all.

3. Start dating (yourself). Take yourself out for coffee with a new book, go for a long walk somewhere beautiful, inspiring and filled with nature (beach, mountains, parks), fill up a hot bath after the kiddies are in bed with your favourite essential oils, light a few candles, put on your favourite album and settle in for soothe time. Go for a beach picnic with a basket of your favourite food. Really get to know yourself, work out who you are and what makes you feel good. Start to understand why you do what you do, and most importantly be compassionate towards yourself. In the end, YOU are all you have - make it a good relationship, it's the only one guaranteed 'till the end.

4. Eat what you REALLY feel like and savour every bite. There is no trick to this. Just eat what you truly feel like and release any guilt or tension that comes up if it's something you are judging yourself for eating. Just let it go. Enjoy. Love your food.

5. Be grateful. Take time every day to bring something to mind you are grateful for. It might be a person, place, thing, feeling, situation - it doesn't matter. Close your eyes, and feel deep gratitude, it is the most beautiful feeling. We attract more of what we are grateful for into our lives.

6. Listen to your body. Our bodies are wise beyond our monkey minds and do everything possible to protect us and keep us healthy and safe. Your body will give you all the answers you need, if you just respect it enough to listen. Do what feels right - not what you 'should' do or what other people 'think' is best for you. Your intuition is your best friend.

7. Exercise. Pick something you love, mix it up. Walking, yoga, running, lifting weights, dancing, hiking, jumping on a trampoline, skipping, sprints, chin ups, living room dance parties. Exercise releases endorphins which give us direct feelings of love. You know exactly the feeling.

8. Get up early. Yogic texts suggest rising a little before the sun does to meditate and bring in some deep peace before energising with the sun's first rays. Ok, I totally don't do this, but I always notice a brighter, more energetic, LOVING feeling in my day when I sieze it earlyish rather than sleeping all day (although sometimes that's nourishing too). It doesn't always feel like the most attractive option when you are curled in bed with your doona, but it will change your whole day to get inspired momentum happening.

9. Forgive. Holding onto pain, in whatever form, will only manifest inside you to make you sad, bitter, resentful and sick. Do whatever you need to do to acknowledge your pain and feel it deeply - but then let it go. This new moment, and the next, and next, are opportunities for great things if you let them be. Stay present. It feels good to forgive. How? Sit quietly, breathe, find the pain in your body and visualise it dissolving or floating away. Make the conscious choice "I forgive'. Set forth the intention. Ask the angels. It all starts with intention.

10. Indulge in absolute pleasure. Whatever that means for you - drinking a glass of wine, taking yourself out for the most delicious meal, telling someone you love them, laughing with a child, cuddling with an animal, walking around your house naked, getting a massage, putting on your favourite music and dancing around like a crazy person, singing in the shower, kissing someone wonderful, eating chocolate. Whatever makes your toes curl in bliss, your mouth turn upwards in a goofy smile and your heart open with love - do it, and do it often. 

I wish you all the love and happiness that is available and waiting for you in the universe and in yourself.

Allow yourself access, because you my dear, are wonderful.

Jess x

Come as you are

Come as you are

I had an eating disorder for 8 years

I had an eating disorder for 8 years