Birth Work

I offer the following compassionate, intimate, 1:1 birth work sessions in person on the Sunshine Coast. Skype sessions are also available for those not living on the Sunshine Coast.

Birth Education + Birth Planning Session (2 hours) $60

  • Evidence-based birth education with soul. Fill the gaps in your knowledge (physiology, the mechanics of birth, natural pain management, pharmacological pain management, mindset, birth positions, intervention, induction, c-section, etc), ask questions, and leave confident and equipped with a birth plan in place.

Pre-birth Fear Release Session (1 hour) $40

  • Yoga, meditation, visualisation and body awareness to release fear and increase surrender before giving birth

  • Perfect for first time mums, or mums who have birthed before and it didn’t go to plan

Birth Trauma Debrief & Guilt Release Session (2 hours home visit) $80

  • Birth story debriefing, forgiveness, guilt release, acceptance

  • Cultivating connection with baby after a disconnected, traumatic or c-section birth where physiological hormones have not facilitated healthy bonding

  • Preparation for future births by cultivating body trust