About Me

I am a single mama of 2 fierce girls, and I am blessed to be expecting my third child later this year (2019). I am a birth worker, a student midwife, a sacred birth and prenatal yoga teacher and a photographer (pregnancy and newborns).

So, that’s what I do - but who I am is deeper than that. I crave realness, connection and authenticity. I cannot stand facades or pretence and have little time for it these days (thank you baby #3 for your strong, clear lessons).

I am deeply compassionate, but I am also opinionated about women’s autonomy and will advocate fiercely for informed consent and the right to say ‘no’.

My idea of heaven is being in the limbo world between life and death with a woman on the brink of discovering her power through birth.

From before I birthed my first daughter until this very day, I have been absolutely clear that my path is to walk beside women as they journey into and beyond birth.

Birth is not to be feared, but it is to be respected and honoured as the sacred act it is.

In our modern culture, which is heavily managed and medicalised, women have lost trust in their bodies, and look to external sources for feelings of safety and validation. The truth is that birth is an inherently risky right of passage - however the risks in our modern time are not generally death, but severe, debilitating, life-long birth trauma and physical effects of over-intervention.

By learning the physiology of birth and what is ‘normal’, you can be educated and self-empowered to know when assistance is (rarely) necessary.

This space is for women who are interested in birthing with awareness, information and self-autonomy.

I am humbled and honoured to hold this space for you as you venture into the vortex of birth, and emerge as a mother.

Jess x