Hi. I'm Jess.


I'm first and foremost a mama to 2 beautiful little girls.

I teach yoga and meditation - and I really really love teaching pregnant mamas to be (through yoga + oils) the skills to have an empowering birth experience - whatever that means to them.

I'm a midwifery student who is growing my love of science and medicine to match my passion of spirituality and intuitive birthing.

I live my life intuitively, guided by the whispers of my heart, and I love lifting others up to do the same, because it just feels really good. Food, life choices, relationships, daily habits - all the answers on your 'right' path are inside your heart.

I believe when you can arrive at truly loving yourself, you will want to take care of yourself physically - and so I teach others how to reduce the toxins in their homes and lives by using the pure plant multi-use magicians - Essential Oils.

I'm a trauma surviver, I've recovered from an eating disorder, I'm a single mum and I've given birth to 2 children naturally - I am resilient and have a bit of grit about me, and I love teaching other women how to tap into their inner strength to overcome whatever life has thrown them also.

I have a network marketing business with doTERRA Essential Oils, and so I coach others who want to grow their own residual income business to do the same.

I am a writer - I've been writing the Bend It Like Pretcell blog on and off for years - this is the blog's new home and I've heavily sliced down the content to keep it relevant to what I now teach (I used to be a judgemental + opinionated vegan when I first started the blog - I'm now an intuitive, occasional McDonald's eater in the best health of my life on all levels).

I hope you enjoy this space and receive some uplift, inspiration and strength to truly go out and live the life you know in your heart you are here to live.

You've got gifts girl, and it really is time to offer them.

Jess x